Scale or Clock?

Exhausting fumes are the indirect cause of the global climate change. The flora could cope with even more pollution but there left twice less forests than before human beings.

Forests are the most perfect air conditioners and now they occupy 10% of the Earth surface, the surface of the remaining forests leaves is 400%. It means that they can wrap our planet 4 times! No ocean can be compared on the air regeneration effectiveness.

Therefore, first of all, new trees should be planted urgently wherever it is simpler and quicker to do. It'll cost less than improving life conditions in any other way. What is more, costly industrial filters slow down the economies of the developing and backward countries.

Almost nothing is spoken about the forests! It is spoken about the filters, the changes in the society, the way of life, the technologies in the nearest future, but this is not enough. These are important, but not the main things. The main thing for the moment is simply to plant trees! Moreover, not the green activists or the supporters of ecological motions should do it, but the states. Without this all the rest efforts will have just cognitive-cultural consequences.

Tree is the defender of life. We know this from school textbooks. But indeed it's true, not just empty words. This is the skeleton, on which the entire planet ecosystem is held. If it does not once maintain the load, a dramatic thing will happen that has been already proceeding, namely, an increase of the ocean level several tens of meters along with the lack of fresh water, and thus, the destabilization of the climate. The present minimal sun activity saves us so far. It is a wondering thing, for how long time?

You indeed feel the difference when you are near a busy road and at several meters from it behind the trees and grass? This is the very effect we are to attain planetwide, in the cities, on the roofs, wastelands, around the sources of pollution, and, of course, where there once were forests, and everywhere, wherever it is possible! And this must be an international political solution. The longer we play along the less chances rest for the happy end.

Let these be even modified mutants but living green plants, if the existing species cannot grow rapidly enough. It is simple to make desert out of forest, but to put back the primeval forest is impossible. But, at least, so to compensate deficiency. The less forests remains, the more rapidly it perishes, it is blown out by wind, is dried, burns.

Apparently, we speak just about 2-3% of the planet area, but even this very many. Look, 1% or 5,000,000 sq km is equal to 5,000 areas of Moscow. But is it sensible to make bombs?
Or superpower military equipment? This is the task of millitaries, their time has come. They are to create the technologies, equipment and full steam ahead, to save the world!

To regulate climate by forests means to help the already existing mechanism of the Earth ecosystem to preserve the balance of CO2 in the atmosphere, compensating the caused harm.
Is it really reasonable to frighten each other by harmful pieces of iron? Is it really cheaper and more inevitable?

Moisture condensation - reduction of weight and occurrence of streams of air. Air streams are stably directed towards evaporation and condensation.

Water Pump

Water Pump
With height of an atmospheric column the temperature falls. If air is sated by a moisture above the moisture is condensed, and air becomes easier, creating draught upwards. Work on saturation of air by a moisture is carried out by each tree if there is nearby a plentiful source of a moisture - ocean. Their general work is stable and powerful. So woods consistently lift and supporting clouds and drive them to the centre of continents, preventing climatic anomalies, forming the rivers, forming a fertile layer.

It is necessary to create its artificial similarity everywhere where while the climate allows. And to increase their area it is more than the value compensating formation CO2. Then it will start to be released from ocean CO2. Important gradually to start the interrupted forcing of a moisture by woods to the centres of continents and filling of the rivers.